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Online reservations are for "diners only". Daily online reservations are closed

at 4pm, so for a spontaneous dinner please call us on 0341 2481 3064. 

If a table is not available online then please give us a call as we don't have all our

tables online. All reservations are allocated for 2 hours unless specified within the online booking form, so please tick the appropriate fields when booking and

we will confirm your request asap. Of course dining at the bar is encouraged. For the summer season we will allocate outdoor tables on the day, weather permitting. 

Groups of 7 or more?

Due to the kitchen limitations, any reservations of 7 people or more are

given our group menu option. This consists of a selection of our best selling

"Entrees" for sharing and all guests will choose their own "Main Course"

with the option of"A la carte" desserts. Larger groups could be required to

pay a fully refundable security deposit. This is only to prevent "No Shows" and allow us to function as a profitable businessPlease call us on 0341 2481 3064.

The Nitty Gritty

 If you are running late please let us know as we will only hold tables for 30 minutes.

If the number of guests changes please give us the courtesy of letting us know before arrival. For Terrace reservations of 2 people, you could be sharing the table with another 2 people. If you are uncomfortable with this concept we can happily place you on a private table inside. We are a small restaurant and our space is limited,

the tables are close together and some tables are booked twice each evening.

We love music at the R10 which means it can get loud and we thank you

for your understanding. Due to the busy environment inside the R10,

we ask you to kindly leave your dog at home and unfortunately, 

we can not accommodate strollers inside the restaurant.

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