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The R10 is the perfect location for an exclusive event. We offer a "Flying Buffet" Cocktail Party from 40 up to 100 guests. We provide an exceptional finger food menu served by our wandering service team. We can provide a completely 'open bar' or a 'limited drinks' menu based on your personal preferences.

The Nitty Gritty

Unfortunately we don't have a disco dance floor, live unplugged bands are ok, DJ's are ok if using our in house audio system, but please know we are not a nightclub and have to be courteous to our neighbours. The outside terrace is available weather permitting. No matter what the situation there's no "Schlager" party music.

As a basic costs guideline for budgeting, expect approximately 85€ per person depending on the beverages selection.

Drop us a message via our contact page with your requirements

and let us tailor a package to perfectly suit your needs.

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